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Do you know the feeling being a stranger in a city? Well, wehave the solution - a female guide!

Our guides are gorgeous Prague females with excellent knowledge of English, the city and nightlife. They can give you advice and answer questions you might have about which taxi company to use, where to find good restaurants and places like exchange offices, Embassies and places crowded with girls!

All of our female guides are extremely helpful and nice - in keeping with traditional Czech behaviour, since we are very well known for being friendly and helpful people.

We provide guides for each activity for the entire time spent there, unless stated otherwise. Your guide can welcome you at the airport, introduce you to the city, your program and bring you to your hotel.

You will have the guide's phone number, and can make a tailor-made plan with you about meeting points, times and scheduling.

For your convenience, larger groups will be accompanied by more than one guide during daily activities. Stag night activities are attended by two female guides and eventhree for larger groups.

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Ready made package with apartment/hotel accommodation, transfers and guided nightlife - all you need for your stag do in Prague!

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Our holiday in Prague was amazing. Diana, as our tour guide, was perfect, amazing person. She gave us only useful advice and recommendations for great bars. Our accommodation had really good location ...

Rinit Shah - 18/06/2013
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